5 Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Posted by Simon Jones on

It is becoming increasingly important for business organizations to have some kind of online presence. Whether it is through a website or social media account, online marketing has become a must do for businesses today. The reason for this is the increasing number of people that are online every day. What small-business marketers are looking for is online marketing strategies that work. Here are a few tips that will come in handy:


It entails providing your clients and prospects with informative content that’s not really meant to convert to sales. This is the easiest way that you and your team will establish yourselves as experts in your line of work.

Blogging will have a positive on your SEO. When you post a blog at least twice a week, it becomes easier for your blog to be found by search engines. What this means is increased traffic. You may even get improved sales if you include a call to action in each of the blogs.

Email lists

Engage your customers using email marketing. The information you provide could be in the form of regular newsletters based on the content on your website. However, email marketing doesn’t have to stand on its own. Ensure you use it together with other online marketing strategies you are already using. You will come up with different offers and special deals from time to time. Remind your contacts through email. Who knows? You might just end up significantly increasing your sales.

Social media

If you are a small business looking to double the leads you are getting through traditional marketing strategies, try social media. Find out which platform your prospects, customers, and prospects use most. You may have to choose between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The key is to share original content, engaging with the community, and joining discussions. What your audience needs are frequent social efforts that are helpful to them.

Facebook advertising

All you need is to create a business page to enable you to take advantage of Facebook advertising. Here, you will find yourself swimming in familiar water given that it’s here that small businesses thrive. The strategy is to share relevant content and interact with your fans by ‘liking’ their comments. With time, you will build a relationship that you will convert into sales. If you complement this with Facebook advertising, you will have a better way of targeting the right audience.

Pinterest and Instagram

If your product is highly-visual, Pinterest and Instagram are what you need to regularly post relevant images. You will be surprised how many people will have access to the images you post on these platforms. With Pinterest, you have a great way of driving lots of traffic to your website. Instagram, on the other hand, helps you employ hashtags to build diverse audiences.

If you haven’t tried online marketing, you are missing out on a lot. With over 2 billion people making it online at least once a day, you have a huge global market to target. Don’t let your only chance of selling anything slip away.